Behind the Scenes on “Jeopardy!”

Behind the Scenes on "Jeopardy!"

There’s not one of us who hasn’t spent an afternoon watching America’s favorite game show, “Jeopardy!”  Alek Trebek, its host has been a fixture on the show since it began in 1984.  Contestants compete for the cash and prestige answering some of the most difficult questions known to man.  But, have you ever wondered where they come up with the questions for “Jeopardy?”

The creation process is timely and tedious. The five weekly shows come down to the writers. They create the categories and questions for each episode. Extra questions are added in case any are scrapped during the selection process.  In order for a question to make the cut…it must be answered by at least one of the writers during the initial screening and roundtable.  Head writer Bill Weisse approves or deletes questions and from there they go to Alek Trebek and the show’s executive producer for final approval.

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