Best and Worst TV Show Finales of All Time

The Best and Worst TV Show Finales of All Time

Every so often someone comes along and dredges up the debate that will rage on forever.   What were the Best and Worst TV Show Finales of all time?  A website named  “From the Grapevine,” compiled a list of shows that could leave fans jumping the fence to either side.   Were they good endings, bad endings or just ok for the record books.  Their list included such televisions shows as,  “Lost,”  “Dexter,”  “The Soprano’s,”  “How I Met Your Mother,”  “M*A*S*H,”  “Newhart,” “St. Elsewhere,”  “Breaking Bad,”  “Six Feet Under,”  “Bloodline,”  and “Rosanne,”  and “Seinfeld,” to name a few.


In my opinion, here are some of the most controversial endings ever.   Warning spoilers from this point on.  


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The Dallas series finale was the first one that ever left me thinking…what the heck just happened here?   JR had virtually lost Ewing oil and everyone he loved.  He is feeling like he has nothing to live for.  Enter…a character I perceived to be The Devil.  Through much talk and manipulating Satan reinforces to JR that he really has no reason to live.  He should just take his gun and shoot himself.   Bobby comes through the front door right about then. A shot rings out. He rushes upstairs to JR’s bedroom. His eyes widen, “Oh my god.”  We all assume JR has killed himself.  I didn’t buy it for a minute!!   Really?  JR Ewing?  He was too mean to die.  I always figured he shot the devil.  As it turns out, I WAS right. In 2012 TNT tried to revive Dallas and of course, there was Good Ol’ JR.  The Show only lasted several seasons though.  Larry Hagman died during the show, and it just lost its momentum. RIP Sir.



Rosanne Returns To ABC But What About Dan?

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Without a doubt, Rosanne was the first TV show to really break my heart with it’s ending.  What?  It was all a novel that was being written?  They didn’t win the lottery after all?   Dan really died after his heart attack?  I had spent almost 10 years laughing weekly at the life of the Conner family.  Now I was getting slapped in the face with a reality check.  Life had thrown the Conner’s a curve they hadn’t expected. So Rosanne turned to her writing to ease the pain.   The finale was dark, sad and nothing at all like the show had always been.  I was heart broken that they’d ended the show on such a note.  Now, I guess they’ll have some explaining to do since Rosanne is BACK this fall.  Maybe Dan was really abducted by aliens??  We’ll have to wait and see.


How I Met Your Mother

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Help! I’ve been robbed!!  Ok, maybe I didn’t really feel like I’d been robbed, but I sure didn’t get the “finale,” I’d waited for.  I think most fans of the show, wanted a “Happy Ending,” for Ted and the mother of his kids.  We didn’t get that though.  While they have some wonderful years together, Ted’s wife falls ill and dies in the show finale.  So while we’ve watched Ted tell his kids about “How I Met Your Mother,” we had no clue she was really dead.  (I really need a tissue)  In the finale, Ted’s kids actually talk him into calling his old girlfriend Robin.  So we are left at the end to assume that Ted and Robin were finally put together by fate. Complete with an ALMOST “Say Anything,” ending.



                                           Alexandra Wyman/Invision/AP

While I found the Series Finale for “Dexter,” Very…how can I put this?  “Dexteresque?”  Most fans weren’t as happy to go along with the ending.  I guess somewhere in my psyche I like to think our favorite vigilante serial killer pulled himself together. I just know he’s still out there disposing of murderers that have escaped justice.  You know, just like he started out.  Just like the Dexter, we all grew to…(gulp) love.


What TV Show finales did you think were the BEST?  Which were the Worst??  Share below and let us know.

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