Be Careful! Geese Crossing on Olsen


Every year the beautiful Canadian geese that live around the station add little ones to their families. If you’ve been down Olsen Blvd. for the past few Spring and Summers you’ve probably seen them trying to cross the road to get to Lawrence Lake. Well, the geese are back, and they have their babies following behind. They especially like crossing the road around dusk every evening. If you happen to be traveling around the Olsen area, please keep the geese in mind. Slow down, and please let them cross the street. They’re just trying to get home like everyone else.

From Citizens for the Preservation of Wildlife, Inc.:

“The Canada goose is very majestic because of its size, markings, graceful movement, and its well-known devotion to its mate and family. Canada geese are very loyal and emotional towards each other, and have strong family values; a mate will be itself in danger to protect the mate, and parents will also place themselves in danger to protect the young. If one of a mated pair or a family member is injured, a goose will go down with the injured goose, and guard the injured goose until it recovers or dies.”

They also have recommendations for human interaction:

“Humans need to understand the behavior of wildlife such as a wild bird, and not approach the nesting goose or the gander guarding his mate. These geese are just doing what they are programmed to do by nature. Be a RESPONSIBLE ADULT, and don’t approach nesting geese, and explain to your children about nesting geese; don’t allow them to approach the geese or chase away the guarding goose.”

So, it’s best to let the geese have their room.

Please tell your friends and family members to keep an eye out while driving around the Olsen area and help Keep the Geese Safe!

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