Deacon Frey, Glenn Frey’s Son Touring With The Eagles

Deacon Frey, Glenn Frey's Son Touring With The Eagles
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When Glenn Frey died, I couldn’t imagine the world without him or The Eagles. Frey was the leader of the band.  Even Don Henley felt there was no way to carry on without him.  In a recent interview though, Don let it slip that Glenn Frey’s son will be taking his father’s place on a short Summer tour.  Henley says “Deacon Frey is a talented young man that seems up to the task.”  Deacon is set to play with the band in Los Angeles in June, and New York City in July.  No pressure.

If ever there was a way to mend “The hold in The World,” left by Frey’s death, this is it. Let his Son carry on his legacy. Let the music and the memories live on. I’m sure the future holds many wonderful things for Deacon Frey.  Here’s hoping it will be with The Eagles.


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