Drop Those Extra Pounds By Summer

Burn Calories Easily

It finally dawned on me that Spring will be here much sooner than later.  The realization of that coupled with a few extra Winter pounds put me in a tailspin. Luckily just a few life changes can make it easy to bust those extra pounds before warmer weather arrives.  Here are a few easy weight loss tips that can pay off in a big way on the scale. The Huffington Post had a great article showing how to burn calories easily. A Few Tips include playing with a puppy for 30 minutes.  That burns 100 calories.  Working in the yard for an hour can burn 300 calories. You have to really work, though, raking, mowing or planting all qualify.  Helping a friend on moving day and burn a whopping 400 calories in only 45 minutes.  Get moving, it not only burns calories but also improves your health.


For the full list of ways to burn calories easily, visit Huffington Post here.

Now comes the part that drives everyone crazy.  How can you eat the foods you love, and still burn calories?  Health.com has some great easy tips for doing just that. First of all, get a good night sleep. It’s been proven people eat more when they are sleep deprived.  You are also more likely to make poor food choices and eat higher calorie and fat laden foods.   Fidget. People who “squirm,” are generally slimmer and it’s possible to burn as many at 350 calories a day just by moving. Don’t eat a lot of salad toppings.  You can pack on an additional 500 calories when you go overboard. Cheese, croutons, nuts, and fruits all add calories.  Pick one topping and stick with it.  Use smaller plates. This trick can easily save as many as 500 calories.  Read serving sizes and follow them.  Eat less pasta. restaurant serving can be close to 1100 calories. If you eat half, that’s only 550 calories, and you have leftovers.  Don’t skip dessert if you want it, just have a mini serving.  A smaller serving of chocolate cake could be 150 calories V.S. 1250 calories.  Calories add up, so make them count in your favor.


For the full list of calorie saving tips see the gallery at Health.com, and click on the pictures.