Rosanne Returns To ABC But What About Dan?

Rosanne Returns To ABC But What About Dan?

It’s official, “Rosanne,” will be returning to ABC early 2018.  The reboot of the show will feature most of the original cast. Laurie Metcalf returns as Jackie, Rosanne’s sister.  All of the kids will be back including Sara Gilbert as Darlene, Michael Fishman as D.J.  The icing on the Conner Cake is BOTH Becky’s will be in the new cast. Lecy Goranson, the ORIGINAL Becky returns to her role and Sarah Chalke, Becky #2 will have an all-new character.

But What about Dan??  (Insert dramatic music stinger from Rosanne here.)  John Goodman is also on board for the Rosanne reboot.  But How?  In the show’s finale, we found out that Dan had died on Darlene’s wedding day when he had a heart attack. How can they possibly write him back in, and stay away from ANOTHER “bad dream,” sequence? Well, I’ve thought about this and come up with some very “Rosanne-Esque,” ideas.  Here we go!

  • After his heart attack, he was on the way to the hospital. There was a bright light and it was aliens!  They abducted him, and have done experiments on him for the past 20 years. They have just released him to return to his loving family.
  • Dan really did die, and he’s come back as Rosanne’s guardian angel.  We all know she could use one.
  • Dan really did die, and he’s come back as a ghost.  Halloween always was their favorite holiday!
  • Dan had a cousin that Rosey had never met, and they were almost identical!  This isn’t really Dan, but his cousin Stan.
  • And my favorite….Dan witnessed a murder. To keep his family safe, he entered a witness protection plan.  He’s been hiding out in Cuba,  smoking Cuban cigars, drinking Mojitos and repairing all of those classic cars and motorcycles.

Whatever they do to bring Dan back, I’m sure it will quirky, fun and irreverent as always.  Welcome back Conner Family.  I Can’t wait to catch up!

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