Heart Broken. Will Ann and Nancy Survive?

Hearts Broken, No Truce for Ann and Nancy Can Heart Survive?

Rolling Stone is Reporting that at this time that “Heart,” is on Hiatus.  Ann and Nancy are currently both involved with other musical endeavors.  A family altercation has driven a wedge between the sisters, and no truce is in sight. It has fans asking can Heart survive this crisis?

The incident occurred in August during a show in Seattle.  Nancy’s twin 16-year-old sons wanted to see Ann’s new tour bus. They and asked her new husband Dean Wetter if they could?  Wetter gave them permission but told them to be sure the door was shut when they left so the dogs wouldn’t get out. One of the boys stepped off the bus but didn’t close the door.  He left it door open for others who were getting ready to exit the bus. This enraged Wetter and according to police reports he hit one of the boys with a closed fist in the back of the head and choked the other one.  Police arrested Wetter and charged him with one count of felony assault, and one count of misdemeanor assault. Everyone involved in the incident agreed to a deal that would allow Wetter to skip jail time.

Since the altercation, things are strained between Ann and Nancy. Nancy is upset because Ann’s Husband never apologized for scaring and hurting her sons. Ann feels like the entire affair was blown out of proportion and the police should have never been called. Both sisters feel this is only a temporary situation and that with counseling and open communication, their relationship can be restored.

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