Save Money on Back-To-School Supplies

Going back to school is expensive. Finding great deals and shopping early are only half the battle. Here are some others way you can save money on supplies for the kiddos.


Shop at Thrift Stores and Garage Sales

garage sale

A great way to save money is to head to Thrift Stores and Garage Sales. Sometimes you can get lucky and find gently used clothes, shoes, backpacks, and more.

Clean Out Your Closets


Not only can you find treasures in your own closet, but you can sell unused items and make extra money to spend on supplies.


Shop at the Dollar Store


Save some extra bucks by heading to a store where everything’s a dollar. It’s a great way to load up on supplies without breaking the bank.


Leave the Credit Cards at Home


When you can, leave the card at home. Shop with cash when you can so you won’t be stuck paying interest on supplies that have already been used.


Clip Coupons and Use Ebates


My Mom has been deemed “The Coupon Queen”. She has always loved clipping coupons, mainly because she ends up saving hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a year. Now you can use Ebates to get the same great savings without all the paper.


Find Deals on Facebook and Twitter


Lots of business are now running specials through their social media. Check your favorite shops on Twitter and Facebook, set your notifications to follow them, and watch for sales on your favorite items.


Make a List and Set a Budget


The best plan of all is to have a budget. Make a list of everything you need, set a budget and stick to it. Shopping early and picking up supplies throughout the year is also helpful, that way you won’t be overwhelmed when August rolls around.

I hope everyone has a Happy and Safe School Year!