Walmart’s New Crotilla Comes to Amarillo!

Walmart's New Crotilla Comes to Amarillo!

Walmart’s new food invention, “The Crotilla,” comes to Amarillo! It is being described as a marriage of a tortilla and croissant. Round, buttery and full of creative food possibilities. Is this French/Mexican food fusion a wrap, a bread or a shell.   Walmart encourages you to use the Crotilla to expand your culinary skills.  Make a new and different breakfast entree, create a unique dessert,  it’s totally up to you!



On first seeing the Crotilla, I question that it can be used as a pita, a bread or a tortilla. It’s just too crunchy for that.  I definitely can see it used for desserts. Top it with strawberries and whip cream and you’d have a very decadent strawberry shortcake! Add some Chocolate drizzle…and now you’re talking. For Breakfast, maybe some Spanish style eggs then add a little guacamole, and you’d have a great weekend treat.




Has Walmart struck Culinary Gold with the Crotilla?  Have you tried it yet? If so, how did you eat it? Taste tests coming tomorrow for The Eagle Crew.