10 Great Music Documentaries On Netflix!

Netflix Has Some Awesome Music Docs – Here Are 10 You Shouldn’t Miss!

If you love a good music documentary as much as I do, you need to check out these offerings from Netflix!

Amy – During her short life and career, Amy Winehouse left behind an incredible body of work.  This 2015 look at her rise and head-spinning fall is definitely worth a watch. Even casual fans of her brand of jazzy R&B will be entertained.

Echo In the Canyon – Jakob Dylan (Bob’s son) and Tom Petty take us through the Laurel Canyon music scene of the 1960s.  Featuring the music of The Byrds, Mamas & Papas, Buffalo Springfield, The Beach Boys and more, this short but awesome 2018 documentary is a great summery watch.

Chasing Trane – Okay, so I like jazz.  But even if you don’t care for it, you’ll love this profile of virtuoso saxophonist John Coltrane. ‘Trane was one of those rare musicians who continuously searched for new, original ways to reflect the beauty of the human experience.  You’ll see it all unfold in this 2016 doc on Netlifx.

Miss Americana – It’s a little bit surprising to see how raw Taylor Swift allows herself to be in this 2020 behind-the-scenes documentary.  Even the haters have to recognize the superb command Swift exerts over every aspect of her career.

No Direction Home – Probably my favorite of the documentaries listed here, this incredible Martin Scorsese doc isn’t just about Bob Dylan.  Instead, it focuses on the sweeping changes in American culture.  Released in 2005 Scorsese leaves no stone unturned (rolling or otherwise). This one is a must for all music fans.

Searching For Sugar Man – Everyone was talking about this documentary when it was released back in 2012.  It follows the mesmerizing career of Sixto Rodriguez, the best singer/songwriter you’ve never heard of.  This guy had an amazing life and the doc is inspirational.

20 Feet From Stardom – This documentary shines a light on the un-sung heroes of popular music – the backup singer.  And it won an Oscar when it came out in 2013.  Watch it and you’ll be able to impress people with your knowledge at barbecues all summer long!

ZZ Top: That Little Ol’ Band From Texas – Guess what THIS is about!  Billy, Frank and Dusty finally get to share their story, and tell it the way THEY want it told!

Quincy – If you’re gonna make a documentary about legendary producer and hit-maker Quincy Jones, you should get someone who knows him very well.  So how about his daughter, actress-writer Rashida Jones. This is an extremely well-done doc that, at times, feels like a love story from a daughter to her father.  And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

What Happened, Miss Simone? – Nina Simone is one of several brilliant, complicated performers on this list who were plagued by serious, debilitating mental illness. She was without a doubt one of the most exciting, talented and compelling performers of the 1960s.  She deserves to have her story shared with you in this fascinating 2015 documentary

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