Stacks of Wax – Late 70s Brit Pop With Marcie Dunavin!


It was an odd time for  music.  The late 70s into the early 1980s, we were still shaking the gobs off our leather jackets and trying to figure out what just happened.  It was “Punk” and the world didn’t know what to do next!  New Wave was beginning to rear its watered-down head, but there was still room for short, loud, guitar-driven rock music.  The only thing really WRONG with Punk was – let’s face it – some of it was just BAD.  However, if you sifted through the vomit and ashes, you could find some pretty good rock ‘n’ roll!  Obviously, the cream ALWAYS rises to the top. Much of what rose to the top of the rubbish pile became the “Brit Pop” that we’re talking about in this episode of “Stacks of Wax“.

Obviously, The Clash, The Police, Dead Boys, New Order, Sublime, and a handful of other post-punk bands were able to break through before MTV at the soul of rock ‘n’ roll.  So I called my old radio partner, Marcie Dunavin, and we discussed this heavy topic.  Do *YOU*  have an opinion about late-70s Brit Pop?  Or any of the other subjects we’ve kicked around this year?  Call me in the Eagle Air Studio and we’ll talk chop it up!  Who knows…maybe you can even be a guest on Season II of this pod.

UNSPECIFIED – CIRCA 1970: Photo of Clash Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images


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