Albums To Look Forward To In 2018


Five Anticipated Albums We Hope To See This Year

1. Bruce Springsteen – It’s been 4 years since Bruce’s last album, and he’s talked about doing another solo project without the E-Street Band.

2. Jack White – His next album is reportedly going to be called “Boarding House Reach”. He posted this 4-minute teaser on YouTube in December.

3. Beyonce – Coming up in April, it will have been 2 years since “Lemonade” dropped. Her fans are hoping for something new this year.

4. The Rolling Stones – Mick, Keith and the guys dropped TWO new albums in 2017, so it might be 2019 before we see The New One. But when 2017’s “Blue & Lonesome” was released, both Mick Jagger –AND- Keith Richards said the were writing songs for a new Rolling Stones album.

5. Tool – The British prog-rockers haven’t released an album of new material in 12 years. Last month, drummer Danny Carey said that Tool is planning to release their fifth studio album sometime in 2018.



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