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All In The Name Of Progress – Get Ready To Dial 8-0-6 Before All Local Calls!

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Dialing “1-806” Will be The New Normal In The Texas Panhandle

Beginning October 24th, Amarillo residents will be required to dial the “8-0-6” area code before each local phone number. That’s 10 digits instead of 7.  Plus, I’m guessing we’ll have to add the “1” as well. So let’s make that ELEVEN.

The FCC has adopted ‘9-8-8’ as a new 3-digit number that will be used nationwide to reach the National Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Crisis Lifeline. Sort of like a “9-1-1” for those in emotional crisis.

“BUT” (and here comes my big “but”)

In the Amarillo area, there are phone numbers that use 988 as a prefix. Their seven-digit phone number begins with 9-8-8.  For example, “806-988-5555” could wind up causing confusion for Amarillo

KGNC-AM NewsTalk 710 News Director David Lovejoy says, “It’s basically due to cell phone usage.  There are only so many number combinations to go around. And with the new Emergency Numbers (being added), it would cause havoc if you were calling a friend, or calling for help, and mis-dialed that initial prefix.  At this point, there’s no turning back.  This is just the way it’s gonna be,” says Lovejoy.

All in the name of progress.



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