Alliance Of American Football Is Here

Everything You Wanted To Know About The Big Game, And THEN Some

The new Alliance of American Football spring football league is here and got underway with its first games this weekend, two on Saturday and two on Sunday. On Saturday night, the Orlando Apollos beat the Atlanta Legends 40-6 and the San Antonio Commanders defeated the San Diego Fleet 15-6. Then on Sunday, the Birmingham Iron shut out the Memphis Express 26-0, and the Arizona Hotshots downed the Salt Lake City Stallions 38-22. The Saturday games were broadcast by CBS, but the Sunday games and all other games will be on cable.

There are some rule differences from the NFL.

♦ No kickoffs or extra point attempts. Teams must attempt two-point conversions. Possessions will start at the 25-yard line. There also are no onside kicks; instead, a team can attempt a play from scrimmage from their own 28-yard line and need to gain at least 12 yards.
♦ No television timeouts.
♦ A 35-second play clock (the NFL employs a 40-second play clock).
♦ Coaches get two challenges; no challenges, however, in final two minutes of each half.
♦ Overtime will be one possession for each team from their opponent’s 10-yard line. No field goal attempts can be made.

In all, there are eight teams playing a 10-game regular-season schedule. The league championship game will be held on April 27, which also happens to be the final day of the 2019 NFL draft.



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