Anthony Parish Memorial

Anthony  Parish Memorial

50m Running  Boar  Match Claude,   Texas

March  30, 2019


In memory of Anthony Parish as a long time Running Target shooter and Director who died Dec 19, 2018 from complications of a  brain  tumor and cancer after military  service.  He was on the AMU Running Target Team, a Director, and active here while able. He always added valuable contribution and input to matches.

Come and  bring friends,  Form a Team, Compete,     have fun   and may win a prize!

Range:  Finley  Range-  2mi.  West  of  Claude on  HWY  I I 51,      then 2rni. South CoRd 13  ,  turn  right  (West)  at old house to range. Do NOT drive on range!



50m     Running Boar   Match

Date: Saturday March 30, 20 1 9.

Alternate Date: Saturday April 13, 2019.

Time:  9:00 am     If bad weather see alternate.


Individual  Entry:  Fec-$30.00 Junior Fec-$25.00    $ I 0.00 for extra Running Boar lapel/hat pin.

Individual ent1y receive $5.00 discount if prepaid prior to Mar. 25, 2019

Individual Re-entry Fee-$20.00 Once entered may re-enter with additional fee. Highest score used for individual placing. First or original score used if on a Team Entry

Squading:  CALL (806)944-5567        other wise shoot as entry at range!

Tearn Entry: At match, prior to individuals shooting Team Match is a fired match.

If individual has already fired as individual may not form a team

All team members fire at the same time for combined score.

Tearn Fee: $15.00 per member. Three (3) member teams . $45.00 total team fee

Team receive $5.00 discount if prepaid prior to Mar 25. 2019

Entries accepted to range capacity.

Distance: 50 meters.

Target: 50m Siamese Running 8oar with single bull

Squading: Rotation depends upon calling , first to call first to shoot in rotation. Teams shoot prior to individual.

Tracking: Individual next in squading may track runs prior to shooting if desired.

Sighter Shots: May be taken on still target at sight-in range.

Course of Fire: No Sighter Shots. I x20 shots fired ( 16 slow, 4 fost). Team Ix 14 shots

Firearm: Any .22 cal LR Smallbore with any sight system. Handguns may be fired two handed .

Scoring: Done by competitors, may not score their own targets. Only shots on scoring bull count for record score .

Awards:  Champion   More than  eight shooters.   More than  12 shooters. award  and cash. Any  individual    or team cash pay back depends on number entered, Individual may also win team award.

Category    Winner: Award  if more  than  six  shooters  in category.     More than 10 , award and cash. Categories:  (Open,  Junior.  Female, Handgunners,   First   timers,   Handicap,   Youngest,   Seniors) Les s than four in a category. Category may be moved up to fill next higher category

Team Awards: More than five teams, Champion Team Award . More than eight teams, Award and cash.

Same team s may re-enter , with additional team fee. Re-entry adds to number of teams entered.

Contact:  Jim Finley, Ph: (806)944-5567    9332 FM 1151, Claude, Texas.

Notice:   All  Match  Director  Bulletins  at  Range take precedence      Remember Safety! No loaded firearms except at sight-in or on firing point. All Competitors arc responsible for everyone’s Safety. Unsafe conditions lead to immediate expulsion without return of fees! OCI’s available for $5.00.

Handicap shooters may sit to shoot if they cannot stand and shoot.

Nonna I rule-Non firing ann must be extended. Depending on velocity slow lead± I I” and fast lead±22″.

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