Bizarre Food Trends over The Decades

One of my passions is going to Estate Sales.  A few years back I was looking through an old cookbook and ran across a green Jell-O-Mold with what looked like Ham in it.  I shook my head, laughed to myself and thought not even on a dare.   There have been a lot of interesting food trends over the years, and not all of them were even that good. According to, there have been plenty of odd food trends each decade. For instance, the 1950s brought us those infamous Jell-O salads that included meat. The 1960s saw the gelatin-based treat with a candle in the middle. In the ’70s, we saw a rise in canned meat, while the ’80s saw both a rise in fat-free food AND fast food. The ’90s kicked off a lot of diet trends, the 2000s had the Raw Food Movement. The 2010’s had more colorful foods in focus with the rainbow trend. As for the 2020s: insect-based food may be the weirdest food trend (so far) of this decade.

What is the weirdest food trend that you actually like?


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