Borger’s Newly Renovated Morley Theater

Morley Theater

We Can Enjoy Movies At the Morley Beginning Nov. 10th!

There’s something majestic about an old, classic movie theater! Even the movie seems more important. And the Morley Theater in Borger just got a face lift. The work has been ongoing since August, when Mitchell Theaters bought the Morley.  They’ve added a great Game Room, and “Oscar’s Lounge,” where patrons can enjoy an adult beverage before the show begins.

Vintage neon and the classic lines of early Art Deco will make moviegoers feel transported back to a time when people put on their Sunday Best to go to “The Picture Show”.  Check out some pictures here, on their Facebook page.  They’ve really done a fantastic job!  I wish that ALL older, small-town theaters could undergo such a comprehensive overhaul. Some of the first movies I remember seeing were at the local theater in my hometown of Memphis, Texas.  Big curtains on either side of a giant screen, the old seats (which were far too uncomfortable to allow anyone to doze off!), the floors were sticky from soda and the air smelled like a melange of popcorn and pickles. And I wouldn’t have it any other way!

The theaters got smaller. The movies got smaller. And people stopped thinking of movies as a Night Out Destination.  But that has been changing recently with IMAX and XD presentations. Theaters are offering lounge seating and adult beverages, as well as High Definition screens and digital sound. Sure, ticket prices have gone up. But you really DO get what you pay for (the concessions, however, are a different story for another day). These days, my family sees most of our movies at the Hollywood Cinemark, and 99% of the time it’s just fantastic. The ‘XD’ option is just incredible. I love it!

Personally, as someone who goes to the movies at least once a week, I plan to get The Fam over to Borger as soon as possible!  I can’t wait to sit and enjoy a film in the newly renovated Morley Theater!



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