Bride Wears 5 Wedding Dresses – Is It Vanity

A bride wears 5 wedding dresses, is it vanity?

Rachel Word, an Instagram influencer from England, married her boyfriend Tom of five years on the island of Karumba in the Maldives in November 2017. After doing some research, the couple found out that the ceremony in the foreign country would not be legal in the UK, so they decided to have a second wedding in England.

Over the course of her two wedding days, the bride wore five wedding dresses. After sharing her pics online, Word was shocked to learn that many people called her “vain” and self-obsessed.” She told The Mirror that she didn’t spend a lot on the wedding dresses, since most of them were gifted to her by fashion brands. She also donated two of them.

She said, “In my mind I had an amazing day, married the man of my dreams and been privileged to have worn over two events five dresses. I have been shocked by the outpouring of negative comments but at the end of the day this is my job which I have trained for and work hard at, my husband understands the industry and is totally supportive as I am of him and that’s all anyone can ask for.”

Do you think it was vanity that the bride wore 5 wedding dresses or do you think was she just wanting to wear all the dresses made for her by the fashion brands that sent her the dresses? If you could wear several different dresses for your wedding, would you do it? Do you think that it was all just too over-the-top?



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