Burger King Unveils A ‘Get Real Meal’! ‘

A Not-Always-Happy Meal From Burger King For The Rest Of Us

Who needs a “Happy Meal” when you’re not feeling very happy?  I mean, that’s just more pressure, right?

Burger King to the rescue! Thankfully, during Mental Health Awareness Month, the fast food chain is offering a “Real Meal.”

Burger King’s motto has always been “Have it YOUR way” right? Spokes-folks for BK say that they understand that no one is happy all the time. And these new new boxes, dubbed Real Meal, come in a variety of different moods – and ‘happy’ isn’t one of them.  Yes!!

The Real Meal mood choices during this month of May are ‘Pissed Meal,’ ‘Blue Meal,’ ‘Salty Meal,’ ‘YAAAS Meal,’ and ‘DGAF Meal’. All of them feature a Whopper, fries and a drink.

AND – unlike the Happy Meal, there’s no toy in these meals.  Because, let’s face it, some random plastic trinket only serves to raise our already-unrealistic expectations.  And life doesn’t always come with a hidden prize.

Want a toy?  Go visit a toy store.  Enjoy your Whopper. And your meal. And get real.

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