Days of Our Lives Renewed for 55th. Season on NBC

When Days of Our Lives first came on Television, I was a little kid.  I honestly can’t remember if I was in School yet…but I remember Tom and Alice Horton!  Stars Mac Donald Carey and Francis Reid were the patriarch and matriarch of the series and were on the show until they passed.   Through the years we’ve seen lots of “crazy,” story lines.  Marlena’s possession??  Stephano’s evil ways that kept the show intriguing and of course the Phoenix rising from the ashes.   I miss Joseph Mascalo.

NBC has just renewed Days of Our Lives, It’s Longest Running TV show for it’s 55th. Season.  EVERYONE has to admit…that’s amazing!  Right up there With General Hospital, Guiding Light and As the World Turns.

I must confess, while I get to catch the show maybe once every  month or so…I do still check it out.  Are you a “closet fan,” of any special TV show or series??  Share!  We’d LOVE to know!



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