Elton John recently sat down to talk with John Lennon’s son, Sean, and said that he believes the Beatle would have won a Noble Peace Prize had he survived. On BBC Radio 2′ John Lennon at 80, Sir Elton talks about his  two or three year association with Lennon,  and why he feels he would have received the high honor. “He was peace-loving, brilliant, funny, opinionated, a treasure – we need people like him today.  “Elton John and John Lennon recorded the 1974 song, “Whatever Gets You Through the Night” together. Being a Beatles fan himself, Elton told Sean, “Playing on your dad’s record… I could have died and gone to heaven.” John had a mutual respect for Elton. Sean said,  “My dad, when he first heard your voice he was in America I think already, and he was thinking that’s the first new kind of British singing that he really liked and dug. I think he said that he loved your music and the songs and he liked the song, Your Song.”

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