Everything Old Is New. Again.

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‘Tiz The Season For Leftovers!

Once again, the Powers That Be in Hollywood have run out of whatever juice helps them come up with new ideas.  And even THAT is not a new condition.  This seems to happen every 5-10 years. And it rarely, if ever, results in anything that we (The Viewing Public) want to watch.  And 2018’s round of re-heated schlock is worse than that still-frozen TV dinner leftover from 1977.  I mean, it’s BAD.

During the upcoming 2018 TV Year, we (The Viewing Public) can look forward to not watching re-boots of:

American Idol – “American Idol” is returning to air — but on ABC now instead of Fox. Ryan Seacrest is set to return as the show’s host, with Katy Perry on board as one of the judges. Sounds a little ‘pitchy’ to me, dawg.

Battle of the Network Stars – Yes, on ABC. — No.  I’m not kidding.

Charmed – The CW network is bringing it back, whether we want it to or not.

Dynasty – Again, you can blame the CW network for this. It should be meaner, sexier, and full of sass. More jiggle, less plot.

Fear Factor – MTV has picked up this ‘thing’ leftover from the late 90s. And rapper-turned-actor Ludacris is hosting, which is a nice word to remember about the 2018 Year In Television:  Ludicrous.

The Jetsons – A Live-Action version, on ABC (what WON’T that network air?) produced by Robert Zemeckis.

The Joker’s Wild – Snoop Dogg is hosting the TBS re-hash. Might actually be decent.

Miami Vice – NBC has this one, and they have Vin Diesel signed on.  THIS is the what these guys are making bajillions to do all day?

The Munsters – Headed to NBC and produced by Seth Myers…if they don’t try too hard, this might be okay.

My Super Sweet 16 – No.  Just..NO!

Roseanne – Coming to ABC instead of FOX. Quite a few of us here at The Eagle are kinda looking forward to this one.

Showtime At the Apollo – Coming to FOX.  A cavalcade of Not-Good-Enough-For-A-Prime-Slot players.

Tremors – That’s right.  The Kevin Bacon B-Movie is gonna be a TV show. On SyFy.

TRL – Total Request Live is coming back to MTV, who are slowly running out of bad ideas.  Here’s a GOOD idea:  How ’bout some Music Videos?

Will & Grace – A 16-episode run on NBC.  Like ‘Roseanne’ this isn’t a bad idea.



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