Forgetting Words Sparks Hilarious Moments.

Forgetting Words Sparks Hilarious Moments.

I’ve laughed so hard today about this article I came across.  Recently a group of people on Twitter started a conversation about simple everyday words that have just escaped them.  It happens to all of us.  Suddenly, a word you use all the time is just GONE!  It can be embarrassing…but it can also be hilarious at times.  Here’s just a few of the stories people shared.

“My friend, once forgot what she wanted at a restaurant and tried to explain “soup.”  It’s like a REALLY wet salad.  Soup.  Yep, it can be.  I’d never thought of that.

A person described a banana as….”It comes in it’s own case, and it’s yellow.”

One woman forgot her husbands name when introducing him to her boss at a company event.  Oops! I wonder how that relationship is?

But this is without a doubt the funniest I heard about.  One person on Twitter was talking about her 17 year old that forgot the word “foal.”  They’d called it, “A horse puppy,” instead.  I’ve laughed about “horse puppy,” all morning.

So see, the next time you forget a word…don’t be embarrassed.  Just be creative and make up your own funny, unique description. You could laugh about it all day.  Check out the Twitter Post that started it all!




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