Game Of Thrones Final Season Begins Sunday Who Will Survive?

When Game of Thrones began in 2011 I honestly had no idea what a ride I’d be in for.  Did any of us know??  I’ve always been a Fantasy and Sci-Fi fan, so it looked like a show I would really get into.  7 Seasons later, I feel like I’m losing an old friend this Sunday when the final episodes begin.   We’ve survived King Joffery…Ramsay Bolton…and  Cersie Lannister.  My personal choices for the most horrible villains of the show.  Lets get real, weren’t we all thrilled to see King Joffery bite it at his own wedding!!

But now we’re faced with the final question?  Who will indeed sit on “The Iron Throne,” by shows end.  I’ve heard some GREAT speculation from friends on how the show might end.   One of the most interesting theories I’ve heard is Jon Snow dies in battle against the Ice King.  Daenerys Targaryen lives only long enough to give birth to their child, who Tyrion Lannister (probably a Targaryen) raises and mentors.  So who does that leave for the Iron Throne successor? His theory is Arya Stark.

I think we lose Jon Snow in the final battle with the ice king. I think there’s a possibility that Arya is killed in the final battle with the Ice King, but she may be the one that actually gets the honors of the kill.  Cersie goes mad and destroys herself. (We must have a mad queen.) And Finally Daenerys does indeed have Jon Snows baby and rules the iron throne with Tyrion by her side.

What are your thoughts??  Who will Rule The Iron Throne??




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