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Giant Rubber Ducky Baffles Town!

JIAGNSU, CHINA - OCTOBER 19: (CHINA MAINLAND OUT)The Rubber Duck which designed by Hoffman shows at Mochou Lake Park on 19th October, 2014 in Nanjing, Jiangsu, China.(Photo by TPG/Getty Images)

Giant Rubber Ducky Baffles Town!

Four days after it mysteriously appeared in Belfast Harbor, Maine authorities still haven’t figured out where a 25-foot rubber ducky came from or why it was left there!   The giant duck, which has the word “joy” emblazoned across its stomach, was found moored in the harbor on Saturday — and as of late Wednesday, it remained in the popular fishing spot.  “Everybody loves it,” says Belfast Harbor Master Katherine Given. “A lot of people want to keep it here.”

Do you have any theories on the duck’s origin or purpose?

Would you want it left in place, or removed?

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