Have You Ever Seen A Ghost? LOTS Of Us Think We Have

With Halloween just around the corner, you knew this was coming.  Have you ever seen a ghost??  A recent survey shows 50% of Americans think they have.  Now, what’s even more interesting is 40% of us think our PETS have seen a ghost.   When I talked about this on the air, I had a lady all me with a very interesting story about a family pet.  When her parents moved…their dog refused to go into their kitchen.  He just stood at the threshold to the door and growled.  A small toddler in the family went in to the kitchen one day, and the dog dashed in and pushed the baby out of the way…just as a pot fell off the counter and landed where the child was standing.  The dog hasn’t been back in the room.

When I brought my new dog Brody home.  I started noticing strange things  There’s times he’ll just stop and stare at a wall, or look into space like he’s listening to someone.   About a year after I brought him home, I had a REALLY strange incident happen.  An old clock on my wall, that hadn’t worked in 10 years…suddenly started working again.  Check it out!

What about you??  Have you ever seen a Ghost?? Have you had something weird happen to  you that you couldn’t explain?



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