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Historic WWII Ship Is Sinking!

USS Wisconsin battleship tied to a harbor dock as a tourist attraction, US Navy WW2 vintage, Norfolk, VA. USA.

Historic WWII Ship Docked In Buffalo Is Sinking!

Crews are working desperately to prevent a historic World War II-era ship from sinking. The USS The Sullivans is a 79-year-old destroyer that was open for tours at the Buffalo and Erie County Naval and Military Park.   But on Wednesday night, the ship began rapidly taking on water after a breach opened on the right side of the hull. A park official said crews are pumping out 13,000 gallons a minute in the hopes of stabilizing the vessel.  He believes they can prevent the ship from fully sinking.

Have you ever been aboard a WWII-era ship or plane? 

Did anyone in your family serve in the war?

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