How Would You Improve Your Movie Going Experience

Here’s a question, how would you improve your movie going experience? Would you want cheaper ticket prices or cheaper concession stand prices?

Last December (2017), an episode of the Bloomberg’s Material World podcast, was about how movie theaters can be modernized and made more appealing to draw customers in. Recently, people have been tweeting their suggestions about how to make the movie theater experience better.

Some have said they want boutique theaters where 20 to 30 people can watch a movie while sitting or lounging on sofas, eating pizza or ramen, and giving out blankets. One person had said to stop putting one film on ten screens, make the tickets more affordable, and stop selling smelly, loud snacks. Another said to have a 10 minute intermission in every movie for a snack/pee break.

But what most people said was that the prices for tickets and concessions were way too high. What would you to improve your movie going experience?




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