Yesterday, A Long-Lost CD Found Its Way Back Into My Hands

Okay, this one seems hard to believe. But trust me, every word is true!

We’ve all had that favorite CD go missing.  Sometimes they wander off in the hands of a visitor. Other times, they fall out of our cars unbeknownst to us and they’re gone forever.  Every once in a great while, they come back.

Back in 2010, I was driving a silver Volvo sedan. It was old and loaded with personality (like the owner!). I called her “Vera”. And that summer, Vera began to die.  It was a sad time.  The only solace was a guy in a small Panhandle town who restored older model Volvos was offering me a decent chunk of cash for Vera.

Now, because it was summer, I was driving around with a new Bob Marley CD in the car.  It was one of those “We’ve taken the hits and remastered them…” CD obsessions.  I played it over and over and over.  Great music for that scorching hot Panhandle summer! Everything smelled like coconut and chlorine and rum. Great time for some Bob Marley.

So…fast-forward to the guy coming to haul Vera off.  If you’ve ever sold a car, you know that you have to get a little box and go through the old buggy. You have to get your personal items. Your sunglasses, brush, music, etc. So I went through Vera, gathered my goods and said my goodbyes.

It was about 2 weeks later when I went looking for the CD. I wanted to play it at home. I grabbed the CASE…but no CD inside!  Oh no! I started looking through the Box of Stuff that I’d retrieved from Vera the Volvo. And I had that sick, sinking feeling that I had left the CD in the player. It had been hauled off with the rest of Vera, never to be seen again!

That was back in 2010.

Yesterday was the first day of April, 2019.  And this is no April Fool’s joke!  After I finished my show, I was walking across the parking lot here at the radio station. No cars around except mine and a couple of station vehicles.  Everyone else was gone. And out of the corner of my eye…there it was.

I walked over to the shiny object on the ground.  Sure enough, it was the exact CD that had gone missing 9 years ago!  It even had my official “JB” brand. (see the picture above) And, considering it had been through NINE Panhandle Spring Hailstorms, Africa-Hot Summers, Freezing Snowy Winters, and tons of other craziness, it wasn’t in bad shape! I just stood there …blinking in disbelief.

How? What circumstances allowed this long-lost CD to return to me?  I’ll probably never know.  Maybe it had rolled into some bushes and, now that the landscape guys are getting the grounds ready for spring season,  someone tossed it into the parking lot?  Who knows?

Only the CD knows.  And it’s not talking.


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