Johnny In A Jetta! – The 2020 R Line

The 2020 Volkswagen Jetta R-Line From Street Volkswagen!

Well, this is probably my favorite ride so far.  I love driving!  And this 2020 Jetta R-Line was made just for folks who love to drive.  It’s a joy!  It handles like a dream, and it has that sports car get-up-and-go, always a punch away when you decide that you’re HERE…but you wanna be THERE!

The Jetta I’m driving (in the picture) is a Tornado Red ‘R-Line’ model. Comes standard with the R-Line badging, black grille accents, black painted side mirrors and rear sport valance.  I’m flying with the 8-speed automatic transmission and electromechanical power steering.  The heated seats and heated side-mirrors mean I’m ready for the Panhandle winter.  And – best of all – the power sliding sunroof means I’m ready to rock the summer sunshine!

Wave me down when you see me around town and I’ll be happy to show you this awesome red rocket ship!  The “Pucker Power” advance warning system could save your life or the life of someone you love.  I think ALL car should come equipped with it.  Like I said at the start…THIS is a car fr people who love to drive!  “Betta getta Jetta!”  See my buddy John Luciano at Street Volkswagen, 5000 s. Soncy today!

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