New Ken Burns Epic Doc Explores The History of Country Music

There’s a scene in the new Ken Burns “History of Country Music” where Rosanne Cash is backstage, arguing with her famous father, Johnny.  The documentary crew had been following the Cash family for several months, and the father/daughter duo had grown comfortable with their constant presence. So – nobody hesitated when they started arguing. And, of course, Johnny has the last word and turns to walk away.

“Well, THERE’S a familiar sight. Dad’s walking away. That’s just how it looked when you walked out on me and mama,” his daughter barked.

Imagine that. Heavy truth.

We have 16+ hours of that.  Over 8 nights. And we’ve had 3 episodes…5 more to go!

Ken Burns brings his documentary magic to the world of Country Music and it’s 100+ years of stories.  Starting (basically) with Jimmie Rodgers and The Carter Family.  The songs and musical elements that came to Appalachia from Ireland and Scotland.  The Slave Songs and rhythms that came from Africa. All fused together in those Appalachian Hills after WWI.

Some of the go-to storytellers and spokesmen for the genre are Marty Stuart (a ‘Zelig’ of Country Music who pops up at key points over 5 decades of country music history), Charlie Pride, and Rosanne Cash, as well as dozens of others.

Thousands of pictures, hundreds of hours of interviews and music. Even if you’re only a casual fan of that genre, you’ll love this documentary! Set to air over eight nights, Sept. 15-18, then Sept. 22nd-25th.  Set those DVRs!


I love  the trailers on the PBS homepage)

There are 5 nights remaining – 10 more hours!  Tonight (Sept. 18th) and then the 22nd-25th.  All on our local PBS station.  I’m loving this thing!

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