List Of Retailers Mandating Face Coverings Continues To Grow

With orders from Governor Abbott,  and  COVID-19 cases continuing to grow, retailers are stepping up their efforts to protect their workers, and customers.  Walmart, Sam’s and Costco were just a few stores that led the way, mandating face coverings for all of their customers.  Other retailers are now jumping on board in an attempt to slow COVID cases, and head off another possible lock down situation. Here is a list of retailers now mandating face coverings.

These stores include:  

Best Buy–Currently Mandatory            CVS–Begins Monday July 20

Dollar Tree–Currently Mandatory       Kohl’s—Begins Monday July 20

Starbucks–Currently Mandatory          Target–Begins August 1

Verizon–Currently Mandatory             Walmart/Sam’s Club–Begins July 20

Walgreens–Begins July 20

Stores Outside The Amarillo Area Requiring Masks Include:

Kroger, Trader Joe’s, Apple Stores, Panera Bread, H-E-B,  and Whole Foods.

The Amarillo Civic Center will also be requiring Face Coverings for events in the venue.  For more information on The Civic Center’s Covid-19 preparedness visit their website here.  


To See Tips On Wearing Face Coverings During Summer Heat, Visit Our Website Here.

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