How Much of a Daily Music  Intake Do You Need?

You should listen to great music every single day! According to a new study by the British Academy of Sound Therapy, listening to 78 minutes of music a day is necessary to maintain a healthy emotional well-being.  A solid hour and twenty minutes of Classic Hits a day keeps the therapist away!

As a matter of fact, as little as 5 minutes of your favorite music can have positive effects on your state of mind.  But, to achieve the maximum benefit of the 78-minutes a day recommendation, you need to break it down to this formula:

* 14 minutes of “uplifting” music
* 16 minutes of “calming” music
* 16 minutes of the type of music you typically use to overcome sadness
* 15 minutes of “motivational” music
* 17 minutes of whatever kind of music you use to help overcome anger

The folks at BAST suggest that we all listen to music every day for sound, balanced mental health.  And -we- suggest you listen to that music on 100.9 The Eagle!

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