New Bill Targets SLOW Drivers!
A mature female law enforcement officer stands by a vehicle she has stopped and takes the driver's license from a middle aged man while her partner stands by in the background.

Soon, driving under the speed limit in South Carolina will cost motorists as much as it costs to drive over it!  The Senate subcommittee on Tuesday approved a bill that seeks to increase fines for slowpoke drivers from $25 to $100. Lawmakers want to change the law to encourage slow-moving motorists to stay out of the left lane, which is supposed to be used by faster-moving vehicles. South Carolina State Troopers say they wrote more than 500 tickets over the past year for motorists who weren’t driving fast enough.  The bill next goes to the full Senate for consideration.

Do you think we should have a law like this here in Texas?

What kind of driver poses the biggest threat to other motorists?



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