New Ice Cream Coming That Will Help You Sleep

Maybe you’re like me and have a work schedule that contributes to sleepless nights.  Or maybe insomnia has just plagued you for years for no apparent reason.   Well, after years of battling symptoms with traditional treatments, help may on the way…in the form of ice cream.   A new ice cream from a company called “Nightfood.”   They say they’ve taken out everything in ice cream that can affect your sleep.  No Sugar or Sucralose, and No Caffeine.  Instead they’ve added things like extra protein, amino acids and enzymes that are supposed to be beneficial to sleep.

Right now “Nightfood,” is only available at their website, but will be in stores later this year.  Visit their website here.    You can read more about Nightfood at Foodbeast.

Will You Try it?  Do You Have Trouble Sleeping?  From one insomnia suffer to another, we want to know.



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