Scorsese’s ‎”The Irishman” Is Set To Air This Month On Netflix!

When you do one thing better than anyone, stick with it.

And nobody makes great Mafia/Gangster Movies better than Martin Scorsese! And now he’s bringing together cast members from “Goodfellas,” “Casino,” “The Departed,” “Scarface” and other masterpieces.   I’m excited! It was screened for the New York Film Festival this apst Friday (Sept. 27th, 2019).  Critics called it “a masterpiece”.

This new film, “The Irishman,” is based on the events surrounding  a mob hit-man and World War II vet, who develops his skills during his service in Italy.  Fast-Forward and he’s an old man  reflecting on the events that defined his career as a hit-man. In particular, the role he played in the disappearance of labor leader Jimmy Hoffa! There ya go. Hoffa was his longtime friend and he was heavily involved as a gangster with a prominent Mafia crime family.

That should be enough to send you to your nearest movie-ticket-buying app, right?  But this flick is bound straight for Netflix!  And FINALLY – we have an official screening date!  We can all watch “The Irishman” on November 27th. So… just chill.  It’s on the way. So we’re still several weeks away.  Between now and its Netflix premier, the movie -will- be released to about 500 screens, just to qualify it for Awards Season. A flick has to be seen in theaters to be considered for Oscar’s, Golden Globes, etc. Pretty neat trick, eh?

Need to know more?  How ’bout a trailer for this awesome new gangster movie!  (below)

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