New Oscar Category – Most Popular Film

The new Oscar category – Most Popular Film, isn’t very popular according to people on Twitter.

Many people have let it be known the the Academy’s member’s new category is not their best idea. Most people are thinking that it’s an excuse not to nominate critically acclaimed blockbusters like “Black Panther” for best picture.

Journalists Meredith Woerner, Stuart Oldham, and Kristopher Tapley from Variety were among the first to comment on the news, calling the addition “lazy,” “staggeringly ham-fisted,” and “a HUGE step back for genre film.”

The Academy has had a long reputation of snubbing hit films whose genres aren’t usually considered Oscar material. Last year, “Wonder Woman’s” complete shutout aroused an uproar from many who consider the first female-headlined superhero film award-worthy, and as Woerner pointed out, Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight” was nominated for eight Academy Awards, but not best picture.

Not only did Variety journalists not like the new category, others like The Atlantic’s David Sims dubbed the new bracket “The Black Panther Memorial Award for Movie That We’re Afraid Won’t Get a Best Picture Nomination,” while Vulture’s Mark Harris deemed it a “special fake Oscar” for the first superhero film with a primarily black cast.

Many others called the Academy cowards and inane (stupid). Lord of the Rings star Elijah Woods tweeted,

Polygon’s Julia Alexander tweeted, “Oscars designating a new award for ‘popular movies’ just reiterates to its entire voting body and the world the inane conception that genre movies aren’t as good as dramatic! independent! films!”

It looks like the Academy has gone south. No one that I spoke to, even likes to watch the Oscars anymore because of all the categories, and most people haven’t seen half the films nominated. Most say the Oscars are a big bore and the films they think should be nominated, get left out in the cold.

What are your thoughts on this new category?



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