New Wedding Rules for 2023, Would YOU?

The Website has a new list of  “Wedding Rules for 2023.”  It’s a list that their co-workers basically came up with on topics that they find highly debatable. Do you think some make sense, or do you disagree.  Here’s just a few I was intrigued by.

  1. No more “black tie optional.”  Choose.   Personally, I like that one. It sets the tone for the entire wedding.
  2. No Outdoor Summer Weddings.  Around here, Yep.   Actually around here, Year Round Might be more appropriate.
  3. Posed Photos are Over.  I agree, I think more casual photos will make for better memories, and definitely a more interesting Wedding Album.
  4. All gifts should be banned at the wedding.  What??  No, that’s a hard pass from me.
  5. No One has to walk you down the Aisle.  High Five!
  6. And Finally, Dancing is Mandatory for Everyone Able to Participate!   Great Idea, but I’d like to add group dancing highly encouraged.

To check out more of the interesting, and somewhat unorthodox list, just hit the link up that’s above.

Do you have a Wedding in the future??



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