Old School Toys Are Better Than High Tech Toys

Your old school toys are better than the new high tech toys for your toddler or grandchild.

In fact, there’s a new report from the researchers at New York University’s Langone Health that finds rather than high-tech toys, the best toys parents can buy for their kids are simpler, hand-on toys that parents and kids can play with together.

Study co-author Dr. Alan Mendelsohn says, “For example, a cardboard box can be used to draw on, or made into a house.  A bit of screen time here and there is unlikely to have much harm if a child otherwise has other activity.” The American Academy of Pediatrics published this study and cites other studies that suggest the heavy use of electronic media may interfere with children’s speech and language development, replace important playtime with parents, and lead to obesity.


I always thought the toys we grew up were way much better for the kiddos today. There’s more interaction with our old school toys than any high tech gadget.



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