Pink Floyd and the Wizard of Oz – How’d That Happen?

Dark Side of the Rainbow

The Story of the Pink Floyd-Dark Side of the Moon Mashup

Where were you the first time someone told you about it?  The Pink Floyd/Wizard of Oz thing. Some bong-brained buddy probably. Gotta love those friends. They were the ones with all the weird conspiracy theories and strange ideas about various methods of altering consciousness. Like ‘Slater’ in the movie “Dazed and Confused”.

One of the strangest intersections of Musical Pop Art and Cinematic History is the Mashup of those two landmark contributions. Somebody…somewhere, at some strange time, noticed that if you start Pink Floyd’s epic “Dark Side of the Moon” right as the MGM Lion begins its roar at the start of “The Wizard of Oz” then the album tends to sync up with the film. At least for about 40 minutes. Pretty…. umm… like, far out.

My buddy, Buford, and I used to notice Strange Coincidences like that.  One night, we were watching the nature channel.  A huge snake was swallowing a large egg. And Alice Cooper’s “Muscle of Love” album was on. Man… I swear it was MADE to happen simultaneously! Or (cough) was it?

Anyhoot. Back to Dark Side of the Oz (or whatever). It’s unknown who first came up with the idea of playing the ‘Dark Side’ and ‘Wizard of Oz’ simultaneously, but it was first brought to the public’s attention by Charles Savage, who penned an article for the ‘Fort Wayne Journal Gazette’ on Aug. 1, 1995. In it his piece, he noted that if you start the band’s CD as the MGM lion roars for the first time onscreen, the songs and the video sync up in eerie ways during several places. The piece was called “The Dark Side of the Rainbow,” which has since become the common name given to the mashup.

Among the similarities Savage found: Dorothy starts to run during the line, “No one told you when to run,” in the song “Time”. D avid Gilmour sings “Home… home again” in the reprise section of the song “Breathe” as the fortune teller tells Dorothy to return home; and the song “Brain Damage” starts at just about the same time as the Scarecrow sings “If I Only Had a Brain,” as he dances on the Yellow Brick Road while Roger Waters sings “Got to keep the loonies on the path.” — Pretty trippy.

Even more eerie, “The Great Gig in the Sky” matches up with the ‘Oz’ tornado sequence, and Dorothy opens up the door to the house to find the colorful Munchkinland — the start of the second act of the movie — as “Money,” the first song on the original LP’s second side, begins. And just as the album closes with a heartbeat, Dorothy puts her ear to the Tin Woodsman’s chest. — Far out.

Pink Floyd’s drummer Nick Mason, had a droller denial when asked about the subtle coincidences. “It’s absolute nonsense,” he said. “It has nothing to do with ‘The Wizard of Oz’  …It was all based on The Sound of Music.” — Thanks, Nick.

So, why am I bringing this all up again?  Aren’t there more important things to be concerned with?

Frankly, no.  This is still kinda groovy. -AND- here’s one more NEW bit of weirdness: What happens if you start the album a SECOND TIME?  And let it play over the movie again?  Well…here. Check this out:

You’re welcome.



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