Prince Estate Released Music

Two days before the second anniversary of  Prince’s death, his estate released a bounty of new stuff celebrating his work and his relationship with his fans.

Some of the music was previously unreleased, some of it never heard. There was a copy of  the original ‘Nothing Compares 2 U”, and a video of rehearsal footage, but also two new websites, one of them a deep dive in his discography including rare photos, videos and loads of information; the other a site where fans can share their remembrances called “Prince2me.”

A lot of fans couldn’t wait for the new music to come out, but some fans were angered that the music went on sale. Some saying that the music shouldn’t have never been released because they were of Prince, by himself at the piano or playing the guitar. It was private music. Sources said some of the music found was of Prince on cassette.

Prince was fiercely protective of his music and kept a large percentage of it — even some of his most popular videos and songs for which he didn’t feel he was properly compensated — locked away in his much vaunted “Vault.”

Do you think that Prince’s estate should’ve released music Prince deemed private? Do you think they released the music for fans or for financial gain?



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