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NEW YORK - DECEMBER 04: Singer Aretha Franklin performs at the 85th annual New York Stock Exchange Christmas tree lighting festivities on Wall Street December 4, 2008 in New York City. (Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)

08/18/18 – “Aretha Franklin” on Saturday Night Solid Gold

It’s “Saturday Night Solid Gold” on 100.9 The Eagle! Every Saturday evening from 6:00-10:00 pm, 100.9 The Eagle features 4 hours of your favorite Classic Hits from the 1960s and ’70s, plus your requests! We call it “Saturday Night Solid Gold” and we think you’ll really enjoy it!  You can call-in your requests (or text them to us) at (806) 350-1009!

In addition to all those great songs from radio’s rock ‘n’ roll heyday, we shine our spotlight on a different featured artist each week.  We’ll play their biggest hits and even some not-so-big ones, and share some information about the artist that you might not know. It’s a LOT of fun, and if you long for the golden age of rock radio, this is the show for you! Solid Gold Classic Hits, the way you remember them, on Saturday Night Solid Gold!

Aretha Franklin

She was the Queen of Soul, and always will be!  Her majestic voice was needed in heaven, so she’s there now, singing with the angels (probably teaching them a thing or 2 about tempo and pitch).

Nobody EVER stepped up and tried to claim that Aretha was not the best.  Mariah, Whitney,  Celine, Cher, Beyonce, Barbara, Tina, Gaga… there are a lot of Divas.  But only one reigned as Queen:  Aretha Franklin.

So, of COURSE, we’re going to spotlight her this week on Saturday Night Solid Gold!

None could match her POWER…the strength of that vocal instrument!  Her voice is a gift that only one woman had.  And Aretha knew how to knock our socks off with it.  Often, she would start low and strong, making us think that she was giving us everything. Then, she’d open up and REALLY let us have it!  Bam!  The paint would peel off the wall as Aretha opened her pipes and gave us what we wanted:  That ‘moment’ where all the Southern Gospel & Muscle Shoals Deep Delta strength burst through.  I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

So let’s run down a few of her amazing hit songs: “Respect,” “Natural Woman,” “I Say A Little Prayer,” “Chain of Fools,” “Think,” “Rock Steady,” “Spanish Harlem,” “Until You Come Back To Me,” “Baby, I Love You,” “Do Right Woman,” “Dr. Feelgood,” “Freeway Of Love,” and on and on.

The Queen – is and always was Aretha.

Instead of writing a lot more, I think I’ll just share 3 songs that the average Aretha fan may not know.  I hope you’ll enjoy these:

In “Rock Steady” Aretha sings “Let’s call this song exactly what it is” (we’re with you, Aretha!)

Her husband was cheating on her, and Aretha knew it. Here, she sings about it…

It’s the classic Dionne Warwick hit, done Aretha Style!

Tons of hits! And we’re gonna play all of ’em between 6:00 and 10:00 Saturday night!  Plus,  your requests! Don’t forget to call ’em in or text them to us at (806) 350-1009! It all happens this Saturday evening from 6:00 pm until 10:00 on 100.9 The Eagle!

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