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Morgan has worked Mornings on 100.9 The Eagle since January 3rd. 2003.   If  you ask her how long she’s been in radio, she’ll tell you an eon. But, that guess might be a little short. She’s a Texan born and raised.  Tom, her Morning Show partner hails from Illinois. Her conversion process is working out rather nicely though, and Tom will be saying ya’ll on the air before you know it.

I Love?   My Family, My Dog Brody, Our Panhandle Sunsets and Sunrises.  Taking a long walk with Brody.

You’re marooned on a deserted island and can only take 3 things with you. What are they?   A two way radio. That’s all. I’m not eating coconut cream pies for the rest of my life.

What Song best Describes Your Life?   I don’t know that any one song describes my life.  There’s several songs that I really relate too,  that’s the great thing about music.

Your Guilty Pleasures?  I LOVE Crime Drama TV Shows.  I also like Paranormal Investigations shows. Don’t Judge. LOL


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