Snow Day On the Way – Some Supplies and Suggestions!


With Snow Possibly On The Way, Here’s What You’ll Need:

As of this afternoon, a strong cold front followed by a storm system is expected to bring snow and freezing rain to Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. We can expect primarily RAIN starting on Thursday evening, transitioning to ice or a wintry mix on Friday, with snow continuing until Saturday afternoon.

At this time, nobody is certain how much of what wintry precipitation we’re gonna get, but everyone is in agreement that it’ll be some mixture of rain and ice, then ice and snow…and more ice.  You know? The BAD stuff.

So.  We’re gonna be stuck inside. Think of it as a chance to stop you in the middle of all your Christmas and Holiday runaround, and slow your roll for a few days.  Not a bad idea at all.  With that in mind, here’s what you’ll need.

A good, comfy couch with several light blankets folded nearby.  “Layering” isn’t just for clothing. It works on the couch, as well!

Pantries stocked with all manner of ‘Comfort Foods‘ – instant mashed potatoes, cheese, Chunky soup, Wolf brand chili, sandwich meats and cold-cuts, microwavable snacks.  Plus, whatever your favorites are!  Just gets TONS of that stuff. Think of this as permission to get food that’s GOOD and not necessarily good FOR you.

Streaming Movies – you’ll need some Netflix, maybe throw in HBO Go and/or Hulu.  Use your phone or laptop to look up the schedules. Maybe break out those DVDs and Blu Rays, just in case the WiFi gets wonky. It happens, usually during these times of inclement weather.

Woolly socks?  If you got ’em, wear ’em!  I have a pair of wool socks that look like Chuck Taylor high-tops that are perfect for weather like this! And I have a ripped-up over-sized sweatshirt that works well in cold weather.

As always, when dicey, icy weather moves into our area, let’s all plan to check on our neighbors, elderly relatives, animals, etc.  The 4 “P’s” = People, Pets, Pipes, and Plants.  Make sure they all have access to warmth.

Finally, keep a radio handy! Preferably, one that runs on batteries (and keep extra batteries on-hand).  Just in case.  Here at 100.9 The Eagle, we’ll be broadcasting the latest Winter Storm info, as well as the latest closings and cancellations.  When the going gets rough, The Eagle is at our best!

Good luck, gang! And be sure to send your Winter Weather pictures to us via our website at to the UReport section.



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