These Songs All Turn 20 In 2018 What Were Your Faves?

These Songs all turn 20 this year. That means they were hot on the charts in 1998.  Do I remember them?  Of course, I do and I bet you do as well.  Here are a Few of Everyone’s Favorite Songs From 1998.


Goo Goo Dolls–Iris  From the “City of Angels,”  Soundtrack.


Cher—Believe (Cher discovers the Autotune)



Semisonic—Closing Time (From The Motion Picture “Friends With Benefits.”



Britney Spears–…Baby One More Time.

(Yes, she took grief about her “school girl outfit,” Yes the record label took grief about the words “Hit Me,” in the song and title.  The writers of the song weren’t from the US, and thought the word “hit,” meant call me.  As in “hit me up.”) The words have since been removed from the title.  See More at



Backstreet Boys–Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) Yes, I LOVE The Backstreet Boys. I’m dying to see them in concert.  I can sing all of their songs.  There…I said it.



Aerosmith—I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing —From The Movie Armageddon



Barenaked Ladies—One Week

From the Movies–American Pie, 10 Things I Hate About You, and Digimon.



Sarah McLachlan—Angel  From the Soundtrack of City of Angels, The ASPCA Commercials (Don’t Make Me Cry) AND more TV Shows than I can possibly count.



Jennifer Page—Crush






Sheryl Crow—My Favorite Mistake



What songs from 1998 Were Your Favorites??  Let us Know!

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