It’s Been 20 Years Since We Met The Sopranos!

Woke up this morning…got yourself a gun!” Who could forget that oh-so-cool theme song and intro?  The Sopranos, baby!  And HBO is airing every episode, every season. One season every day starting TODAY! (Friday, January 4th 2018).

The term “Golden Age of Television” is certainly appropriate terminology when referring to some of the shows produced in the last 20 years.  “Madmen,” “Breaking Bad,” “Game of Thrones,” “Better Call Saul,” “Ozark,” and on and on.  All are worthy of “Golden Age” status. But the first time I remember hearing that term in the 21st century was referring to “The Sopranos”.

The fantastic, character-soaked Mob Crime Drama began airing 20 years ago (1999-2007).  It’s been 2 decades since we all met Tony, Carmela, Meadow, Dr. Melfi, Paulie Walnuts, A.J., Johnny Sack, Silvio, and the rest of that grim-faced New Jersey Crew!

So it ended badly.  I feel ya!  But for 6 bloody, tense, hilarious, rip-roaring seasons, The Sopranos kept us talking at the coffee shop and at our desks. We -ALL- couldn’t wait to see what happened next! And unlike network television, The Sopranos was on HBO!  So the gloves were off.  The spent big money hiring world-class writers and stars and spared no expense in an effort to make that show ring true.

So go home tonight, whip up a nice Pasta e Fagioli, and turn on HBO. Tony and company are ready to start their incredible journey all over again! The Sopranos. Twenty years later. A season a day.  I’ll never get anything done!


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