Stacks Of Wax – British Invasion with Marcie Dunavin!

They got earphone heads
They got dirty necks
They’re so twentieth-century!” – Rolling Stones “Live With Me”

Okay, vinyl junkies!  It’s almost time to roll out Season 2 of “Stacks of Wax”!  If you’re new to the pod, rest assured that this is a true rock ‘n’ roll podcast originating here in Amarillo! You can feel good knowing that you’re supporting LOCAL web content!  AND! Since we’re about to kick-off S-2,  I felt like we should do what the Big Label Marketing Geniuses do – a full-blown  “Re-Issue!”

Maybe we’ll even call these episodes “remastered” or something.  Anyway, once a week, we’ll refresh your memories with a few of the more popular episodes from the recent inaugural season. And whaddaya say, let’s start with this one!

In Episode II of Stacks of Wax, we focused our attention on the British Invasion.  You’ve heard the stories and seen the footage.  British Invasion was that week’s feature on Saturday Night Solid Gold. And if memory serves, we concentrated particularly on the years 1963 to 1968. My guest for this episode was my good friend (and former Morning Show partner) Marcie Dunavin! Marcie is a major Music Nerd employed by Amarillo College.  She knows more about music than anyone I know! I mean, this girl is good! Funny how these things tend to come full circle, if you give ’em enough time.

We did the Fellow College Students thing together, then we did a Radio Show together (mornings on 96.9 KMML), and now?  We’re gonna do this Podcast Thang!  All these years later, we still love The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, The Kinks and The Animals, we still make each other laugh, and still appreciate a good conversation about MUSIC!  We had a chance to visit about the British Invasion, and here’s that epic chin-wag in all its glory.

And (above) the obligatory Spotify Playlist to accompany the episode.  Enjoy!

And (below) a rockin’ British Invasion song to curl your sox while you warm up your coffee.

“Don’t you think we need a woman’s touch
To make it come alive?”


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