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Strange Ingredients That Make Foods Instantly Better

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If you’ve spent any time in the kitchen, no doubt you have a crazy ingredient that you add to your food, or recipes.  And when you do, those  foods  instantly becomes better!  Maybe it’s something a friend or your mom turned you on to.  But, it’s stuck…and it’s just an automatic “extra,” ingredient that gives your meal the “kick,” it needs.

For me it was Miracle Whip in Guacamole.  A friend turned me on to that years ago, and it’s just always kind of stuck when I’m making it from scratch.  That and a slight touch of garlic powder…and your Guacamole will be smooth and creamy and taken to a whole new level of taste.

Other unique food combos that people swear by include,  Dijon mustard in Mac & Cheese, and instant coffee in Chocolate Chip Cookies.   Scrambling eggs with sour cream mixed in before cooking were also popular.  Other’s swear by making a grilled cheese with mayo, hot sauce and garlic instead of plain old butter.

What extra ingredients do you throw into your recipes that others might not use??

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