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Summer Heat Has Americans Searching For Sunburn Relief

Damien Sheffield, 2, plays in a water fountain in Washington, Wednesday, June 8, 2011. The official start of summer is still two weeks away, but much of the nation is sweating through near-record temperatures, with heat advisories and warnings issued across the Northeast, mid-Atlantic and upper Midwest. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Summer’s early heatwave, has many Americans searching for Sunburn relief.  Google has just released their top “sunburn remedy,” searches. here’s what we’re looking for to find a cure.

  1.  Shaving cream.  Does shaving cream really help a sunburn?  Google says yes and no.  While nothing miraculously cures a sunburn, the menthol in shaving cream does help sooth inflammation, and cool the burn.  (I never knew this!)
  2. Vinegar.  Ewwww, My mother used to wrap me up in vinegar soaked towels every time I got a burn.  I hated it.  It not only smelled horrible but I felt like it made me hurt more.  Chances are, it did!  Vinegar is acidic and can actually make a sunburn hurt more, so if you use it…dilute it a lot.
  3. Lotion.  Yes lotion can help a sunburn and your skin, BUT stay away from any lotion with oil in it.  Oil only locks in heat and can make you hurt more.
  4.  Coconut oil.  Maybe??  But again…don’t use it right away.  Wait at least 24 hours, or it will just lock in the heat.
  5. Aloe Vera.  Yes, and it’s the most popular sunburn remedy.  Aloe reduces pain, redness and inflammation.  And it helps skin produce more collagen so you heal faster



Thank  you to Google, Medical News Today, AAD and Women’s Health

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