Take A Trip Down Route 66

Are you ready to take a trip down Route 66? Basically, road trips are an American pastime, going from state to state. British folks in a survey named a drive along Route 66 to be the most Instagram-worthy road trip in the world. Amarillo is the largest town on the Texan stretch of Route 66. Even Sir Paul McCartney took a trip down Route 66, and even stayed a night in Amarillo.

Hertz polled the Brits, and said, “The influence of social media has had a huge impact on destinations of choice, bringing increased awareness of less well-known areas, as well as ensuring that gems such as the Route 66 are still as popular as ever.” The 2,400-mile route stretches from Illinois to California and goes through eight states. Rounding out the top five most Instagram-worth road trip locations were: Pacific Coast Highway (California), West Coast Perth to Broome (Australia), and South Island Circuit (New Zealand).

I have met several people from other countries that have said they were driving down Route 66 because they heard it talked about or heard it in a song from Chuck Berry, who wrote the song to Nat King Cole, Natalie Cole, Ray Charles, John Mayer, and even Glenn Frey.

If you could make the trip, would you plan to motor west & get your kicks on Route 66?



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